Making a strong initial impression and leaving a lasting impression are the keys to successful advertising. Vehicle wraps are a strong branding and marketing tool for sales, service, and delivery trucks, and at PointFive, we fully appreciate the significance of vehicle graphics or wraps when it comes to managing your marketing campaigns.

Vehicle wraps are a very memorable method to communicate your company’s message. Using your vehicle as a billboard is an ideal choice since it’s a blank canvas, so there is plenty of room for creativity with the artwork, whether you prefer a few decals or a complete wrap. Investing in your vehicle is a sign to others that you take your business seriously, how you present your vehicle shows pride in who you are and what you do. A full vinyl wrap will protect your vehicle’s bodywork from scratches and dings caused by grit and stones flying up from the road, keeping your investment safe and resale value at its highest. If you have older vehicles then a wrap will provide a completely new and updated look.

People may choose whether to view or disregard traditional adverts. However, you make it hard for potential customers to ignore it through professionally designed and executed car branding. When you are driving around the geographical area or elsewhere, you are servicing, you’re putting your brand out there to your market, and vehicle wraps allow your brand to meet your potential customers, literally, where they are.

Our Professionals at PointFive can work with you to design the right graphics for your work vehicle or personal vehicle, producing a result that will turn heads and get you

For further information regarding our Vehicle Branding service, you can speak to one our expert customer advisors via email or just call us!

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