Even though researches show a paradigm shift in advertising expenditure from print to digital, we at Point Five strictly believe that traditional print advertising is equally important as digital advertising for a successful marketing campaign due to their native individual pros and cons.

Digital Printing on fabric works similarly to digital printing on paper in that you may create even a single print without incurring any upfront fees (e.g., printing screens). To put it simply, a home inkjet printer functions similarly to digital printing on fabric. In reality, this kind of fabric printing places no constraints on the project itself; you are free to print any image on the fabric with as many colors and tonal transitions as you like. For printing photographs, intricate patterns, tonal transitions, and visually challenging designs, digital printing on fabric is ideal.

Due to its accessibility, affordability, and adaptability, digital printing technology is ideal for businesses of all sizes. It offers efficient solutions that can be customized to meet the changing demands of any individual company.

The Point Five’s printing service is:

  •  Effective and economical, offering the highest return on investment and producing superior results. We are affordably priced; we deliver digital printing services all over UAE effectively.
  • Creative and innovative, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and results are of absolute perfection since we use the latest Gen6 UV large format printer, saving time than the conventional process.
  • Flexible, since designs may be modified and tailored to meet customers’ needs and can be ordered in both small and large quantities.

Speak to our professionals at Point Five now for guidance on the best digital print solution for your company if your existing digital print environment is not offering the high print quality, speed, or cost savings you expect!

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