Building wrap

Building wraps are a preferred form of advertising for thriving businesses all over the world due to their enormous size and striking colors, which frequently catch more attention than other varieties of advertisements.

Not only do they provide a beautiful backdrop for a cityscape, but they can also be utilized to conveniently hide construction sites while promoting upcoming store
openings and events that will be held at the site. They also provide an additional protective layer during repair work to avoid dust and debris from flying out.

All kinds of retail establishments make use of wraps. They may also be utilized by residential complexes and rental properties to promote vacant spots on the property. To promote client retention, wraps for goods including apparel, fragrance, and accessories are frequently seen in and around malls and shopping centers. As they draw the attention of curious observers, large-size banners and wraps are perfect for event notifications and invites. They can also be used for decoration purposes.

Point Five is now fully equipped with very specific tools, including a large format digital printer also, the installation requires special work, and each one varies depending on the size of the wrap and where it will be placed. The design, printing materials, and the installation will determine the cost of the wrap.

For further information regarding our building wrap service, you can speak to one our expert customer advisors via email or just call us!

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